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~ desThess party ~

7 Oct

It’ s party time!

Η Θεσσαλονίκη όπως είναι!

Η ομάδα του desthess εγκαινιάζει τη νέα σεζόν με ένα party γεμάτο εκπλήξεις.

Συμμετέχουν καλλιτέχνες της πόλης από τον χώρο της φωτογραφίας, της ποίησης, του θεάτρου και της μουσικής. Βασική θεματική των events και του desThess.gr είναι η φράση “Η Θεσσαλονίκη όπως είναι”.

Συγκεκριμένα συμμετέχουν με έργα τους οι φωτογράφοι Χρήστος Δημητρίου, Νίκος Βαβδινούδης και Αρης Ράμμος.

Η ποιήτρια Αναστασία Γκίτση με ένα project εικονοποιημένης ποίησης για τo desThess.gr.

Η ηθοποιός Νόπη Ράντη με τους μουσικούς Ευγένιο Λάσκαρη και Σταμάτη Βελιγράδη, με την performance “Θεσσαλονίκη, ερωτική πόλη+οι Innamorati”.

Live μουσική από την ομάδα κρουστών PARANOUE.

Κατά τη διάρκεια του party θα προβάλλονται moodmovies του desThess.gr σε διάφορους χώρους. Όλο το πάρτυ θα καταγραφεί και θα αποτελέσει ένα απ’ τα επόμενα moodmovies του desThess.gr

The team of desthess launches new season with a party full of surprises. Participating city’s artists from the fields of photography, poetry, drama and music. Main theme of the events and desThess.gr is the phrase “The city as it is.” Specifically, photographers Chris Demetriou, Nick and Aris Vavdinoudis stitches participate with their projects. The poet Anastasia Gkitsi with an iconised poetry project The desThess.gr. The actress Nopi with the musicians Randy Eugene Lascaris and Stamatis Belgrade, with the performance “Thessaloniki, the romantic city + Innamorati”. Live music by the percussion group PARANOUE. The moodmovies of desThess.gr will be shown, during the party, in various places.  The whole event will be recorded and consist one of the following moodmovies of desThess.gr

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~ PillBOX Street Fashion Festival vol.3 ~

30 Sep

Images via here



~ VFNO Thessaloniki vol.2 ~

23 Sep

Photos by studiovd.gr

~ Vogue Fashion’s Night out in Thessaloniki ~

21 Sep

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Thessaloniki is history and threeheels were there to give you all the details from the events, the hot stuff plus the backstage! Streets down town were full of balloons with the official logo and music gave a special tone at the rather busy city centre. A walk over the hot spots of the night made us realize one thing… this city is thirsty for some fashion! It was like all the fashion bloggers had been waiting for this day. I still believe that if I look around the corner I’ ll see one turning! So here’s a small sample…!

VFNO Thessaloniki

Sephora celebrating VFNO in Thessaloniki

There were so many…!

Can I buy you a drink?

Tasting one of the delicious cocktails-the one with champaign and grapes juice (Anastasia)

A fruit punch for Efi!

Closer look on the golden nail!

T-hsirts and bags with the official logo of the event

Live music pary at Notos Galleries!

Put your hat on, Christina…!

The publishers of Vogue Hellas, Mr and Mrs LiberisCupcakes at Juicy Couture


Stay tuned for more…

All photos is our property so please give us a credit if you choose to use some of them.

~ Vogue Fashion’s Night out in Thessaloniki ~

20 Sep


So today is the day and we can’ t wait…! For the first time in our city!

Stay tuned for all the hot scenes from the event!

~ Vogue Fashion’s Night out in Thessaloniki ~

15 Sep


So today is the day and we can’ t wait…! For the first time in our city!

Stay tuned for all the hot scenes from the event!

~ Biennale: 3 ~

13 Sep