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~ sneakers are everywhere ~

14 Oct

From top to bottom:

1. Donna Karan Spring 2015 runway show.

2. Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller) with Italian brand Golden Goose (left) and Valentino (right) sneakers.

3. Burberry Prorsum Spring 2015 runway show.

4. Old-school Adidas Superstars sneakers.

5. New Balance kicks.

6.  Alexander Wang’s most recent collection entirely inspired by sneakers.

7. Sarah Lerfel in Dior sneaks.

8. Chuck Taylor-style sneaks at the Temperley London runway show.

9.  Garance Doré in neutrals and crisp white kicks.

10. Street style at New York Fashion Week.

(Images via here)


~ sporty chic ~

6 Oct

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~ rough and tumble ~

9 Nov

Chilling out at the laundromat for a little bit of tumble drying with some suburban house-wife head scarf action and these Isabel Marant high top puppies. 

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~ wear them converse! ~

8 Oct

Just spotted “all star” worn a little bit differently than usual in Milan Fashion Week.

You can also check ~converse classics ~

Photos by elle.com