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~ it’s tee time! ~

24 Sep

Hello guys! After a really looooooooooong time of absence, here I am again to share with you all my thoughts, my interests, my likes and all that stuff that make me feel creative and eventually happy…!

So, still addicted with street fashion, today I think I want to share with you some ways of making your T-shirt look really cool. You probably know that this has been like a massive trend the whole 2016 (personally, I love it too!), but also a kind of tricky in order to achieve the ultimate sporty chic look and not seem like you’ ve just got off school!

The wildly popular combo of a T-shirt, flattering pants or a skirt and bold accessories compose a totally unexpected and elevated outfit. More, after the jump…!

Oh… and nice to see you again!


(Images via here)