~ vintage summer icons ~

25 Jun

Ali MacGraw, 2983

Sophia Loren, 1960

Twiggy, 1967

Grace Kelly, Monte Carlo, 1972

Diana, Princess of Wales, Necker Island, 1992

Farrah Fawcett, Charlie’s Angels, 1978

Elke Sommer, 1963

Elizabeth Taylor, Giant set, 1956

Briggie Bardot, Lake Geneva, 1961

Marilyn Monroe, Los Angeles, California, 1950

Audrey Hepburn

Jacqueline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, 1955

Julie Christie, London, England, 1963

Audrey Hepburn. Sabrina Fair set, 1954

Brigitte Bardot, St. Tropez, France, 1968

Grace Kelly, Cannes, France, 1955

Julie Christie and John Hurt, In Search of Gregory, 1969

Nancy Sinatra, 1967


Jane Birkin, Cote d’ Azur, 1973

(Images via here)


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