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~ happy ray-ban world ~

28 Jul

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961

James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause, 1955

Bianca Jagger with Mick Jagger

Drew Barrymore knows the way to chic, is the Wayfarer

Tom Cruise embarking on the first of his Risky Business back in 1983

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~ black and white architecture ~

24 Jul

You can check out more of Roland Shainidze’ s work here.

~ mixed feelings ~

20 Jul

Lots of things are going on my mind lately… Divided between fashion blogging and sports addiction,  I’ m trying to do my first steps in sports journalism. Hoping for the best…! At least I’ ll try for it.

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~ ready for the new beginning ~

16 Jul

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~ greek chic ~

10 Jul

A gorgeous seahouse in Mykonos

Deep blue, traditional island architecture and simple, modern decoration create the ultimate summer scene in a sunny house in Mykonos. Built on the wild cliffs of the island, visitor enjoys a unique view of Delos, and the wide Aegean horizon. See photos of the house and just underneath all furniture and accessories you’ll need to copy this style.

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~ threeheels goes on twitter ~

8 Jul

You can now follow us guys on twitter!! Happy to see all of you there! We’ re getting ever closer…! Just click the image below or on the right side of the page.



~ candy girl ~

6 Jul

~ The most feminine summer make up ~

French manicure 2012: Dare to try a different version of french manicure in turquoise and baby pink colours and you’ ll definitely make such an impression!


Cut with scissors the edge of a scotch tape in order to form a semicircle. Stick it on your nail and polish the surface that remains uncovered with the pink pastel nail polish Color Riche Le Vernis No 101, L’ Oreal Paris. Wait a while to dry, peel off the scotch tape and spend the rest of the claw with turquoise Color Riche Le Vernis Miss Candy No 616. You’ re done!

I’ m so gonna  try it!!

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