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~ inspiration mix ~

28 Apr

P.S. Quite an ending, ha…?!!

~ icy and fruity ~

26 Apr

He is talented, creative, communicative and funny… He writes books and hosts a show on tv… That’s why I’m big fun of him! Jamie Oliver is simply one of the best chefs in Britain. So, here’s his 1-minute berry ice cream. A delicious healthy dessert, super easy for you to make. Plus, helps you stay fit without having any guilts eating it! You should definitely try it!


• 1 x 500g pack of mixed frozen berries
• 150g fresh blueberries
• 3–4 tablespoons runny honey
• 1 x 500g tub of natural yoghurt
• a few sprigs of fresh mint
• optional: 4 small ice cream cornets


In advance: Put 4 small glasses in the freezer, or you can serve straight into ice cream cornets, if you prefer.

When you’re all set up and ready to go, get the glasses (if using) and the frozen berries out of the freezer. Divide the fresh blueberries between the glasses or cornets. Put the honey and yoghurt and leaves from the sprigs of mint into the food processor and whiz, then add the frozen berries and whiz again until combined. Spoon the frozen yoghurt over the fresh berries and serve. Yum.

~ la pin-up imprime son style ~

21 Apr

"La Pin-Up Imprime Son Style"
photographer: David Vasiljevic
model: Sigrid Agren
magazine: French Elle

( via here )

~ found and loved ~

19 Apr

I made some digging and that’s what I came up with…!Loved this hellow jacket. What’s your favourite look?

pearl chain milan jacket yellow, 135,oo $

flare peplum jacket, 84,00 $

firence sleeveless dress, 65,00 $

boucle open front jacket blue, 65,00 $

shred white skinny jeans, 45,00 $

sequined tired texture dress, 45,00 $

all clothes from


18 Apr

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My fav last winter’s sweater and boots, thanx for watching 🙂

~ Denim Break ~

18 Apr

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casual look for my friend’s house party

when you just feel wearing a t-shirt and denims, being simple and comfy, but still you can add some color so you make it a bit different and not boring 🙂

~ red times ~

18 Apr

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