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~ New Greek Cuisine 2 in Sani Gourmet Fest. ~

31 Mar

The journey to the essence of the Greek Cuisine continues further in 2012 as Sani Gourmet unfurls a more thorough dialogue about the influences of the past and the present, the mix of tradition with twists of contemporary techniques and the importance of the ‘’culinary base’’ that formed the core of what is the cuisine of Greece today. Undoubtedly, our aim is to broaden the perspectives of ‘’what is the Greek cuisine now’’ and what does this mean to people, not only to the Greeks but also to the international crowd. Moreover, to communicate further the New Greek Cuisine Vol2 to the world, creating a showcase that not only will put Greece to the international culinary map shaping a new, better image, but it will also prove to be an important and powerful touristic product to promote. Therefore, we invite the most representative Greek chefs from Greece and abroad, distinguished for their knowledge, experience and passion to showcase the delicious variety of Greek cuisine in its superb combination of custom and innovation. As such, we would be delighted and honored if you were able to participate to our event.

For years now, Sani Gourmet has been supporting the efforts of top Greek chefs, inspired by the culinary traditions of their country and modifying and adapting them to the contemporary world. We shall be inviting chefs distinguished for their knowledge, experience and passion to showcase the delicious variety of Greek cuisine in its superb combination of tradition and innovation. In a spirit of friendly rivalry, our chefs will be launching a debate on New Greek Cuisine, bringing into focus its special properties and qualities. A week of events that we hope will demonstrate the truth of an old saying: the secret of beauty lies in simplicity.

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La la la…. I found my love in Portofino…

29 Mar

Oh!!! What a beautiful video! I love watching it again and again. And that music makes me want to visit Italy so badly.

Colors, hats, scarves, silk, hair like a Diva and cat eyes. All these at Cruise 2012 by Christian Dior.

Enjoy it!

~ inspiration mix ~

28 Mar

After a long time, let’s get some inspiration….!

~ my zara stuff ~

24 Mar

Got a little bit stuck with zara staff lately…? Hmm, not wrong! Anyway, here’ s some piece of what I got this season.

Stay tuned for some real looks…!

~ april comes to zara ~

23 Mar

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~ threeheels is the winner! ~

22 Mar

I am honored to announce that our fashion blog has been selected as the winner of week 11 in the 20 week contest of and it’s officially a Top 20 “Up and Coming” Fashion Blogger 2012!!! Now, heading for the Number #1 !!! Guys, help needed please!!!!!

Thanks a lot for everything!


~ keep calm it’s sunday ~

18 Mar

Κυριακή μεσημέρι…ο καιρός επιτέλους θυμίζει λίγο από άνοιξη…μια ησυχία που επικρατεί όμως…λίγο ανησυχητική! Είναι, μάλλον, μια από εκείνες τις μέρες που ο καθένας είναι, λίγο πολύ, στο δικό του κόσμο… Μαλώνω κι εγώ με τα σκεπάσματα. Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire και δεν έχω όρεξη να γυρίσω ούτε το εξώφυλλο. Ώρες ώρες μου φαίνονται τόσο πεζά, δίνουν όμως μια δόση έμπνευσης στην ενασχόληση με ένα fashion blog. Το παθαίνω αυτό… Δεν είναι τίποτα, θα μου περάσει. Μάλλον θα ανοίξω το biscotto… Ξέρω… Από τις λίγες φορές που αποφασίζω να βγάλω λίγο συναίσθημα στο blog αλλά ας όψεται… αφού “έτσι κάνουν οι bloggers!”. Μάλλον είναι αυτή η ημικρανία που μ’ έχει τρελάνει.

P.S. For those who do not understand greek, just google it. Too tired thinking in english, sory guys!