~ the exchange amsterdam ~

25 Jan

Varoius rooms

Tailor’s Dummy by INA & MATT

Room 406: Epaulettes by Malu Gehner

Pleats room by Paul Hanraets

Unaware Reality by Iris Kloppenburg

Building a View by Anne Wolters

Misunderstood Creatures by Roos Soetekouw

Manray’s eyes by INA & MATT

“Amsterdam hotel, The Exchange, has 61 rooms, ranging from 1 to 5 stars. Each room has been designed and dressed by graduates and alumni of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). The rooms are as diverse and inspiring, as the neighborhood the hotel lies in.The romantic at heart can fall asleep in a Marie Antoinette-inspired room where a huge dress drapes over the walls and unto the bed. Or, if you prefer a more minimal look, opt for a room that is based on the old fairy tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

Hotel The Exchange is a concept by Suzanne Oxenaar and Otto Nan, initiators of the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy. Hotel The Exchange is part of ‘The Red Carpet,’ an urban-renewal project that is aimed at giving the Damrak a more diverse and fashionable look.” – The Exchange

Kewwwwl, right?

More inside specific rooms after the jump!

I Still Remember by Sofie Sleumer

Mestiza by Juanita Koerts

Urban Crafts by Anne Wolters

Eighties room by Roos Soetekouw

City camouflage by Anne Wolters

Wall Flower by Iris Kloppenburg

( Images via The Exchange &  Mirjam Bleeker for Yatzer )


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