~ The top 12 Fashion Trends of 2011 ~

12 Dec

Channeling that fluid seventies silhouette, the amply proportioned pant was on the loose.

Designers took a fresh approach to spring: fashion inspired by the fruits of nature’s labor.

Minimalism in all of its stunning simplicity got the nod as the look to have on the red carpet.

Navajo-inspired sandals, vintage leather satchels, a brimmed fedora—accessories with a Western feel took the reins.

Stripes in a bold Pop-art palette appeared on the horizon.

Soft, scalloped waves edged tiers and trains, imbuing the sartorial set with a sense of delicacy and femininity.

Punk turned polished with gleaming studs, tough-chic leather, and edgy crops.

Sharply tailored pieces in vibrant hues and elegant neutrals were too stylish to stay office-bound.

From petal-like layers of chiffon and tulle to eye-popping appliqués, floral details amplified texture and volume.

Lace broke out of the black-or-white habit in violet, navy, and shades of berry.

Two-tone plaid and windowpane checks stop traffic.

The streets crawled with snakeskin in electric shades.

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