~ the lost photos of marilyn monroe ~

20 Oct

She’s always been the iconic image of the Hollywood blonde bombshell, and 49 years after her death, we still can’t seem to get enough of her. These photos taken by John Vachon for Look magazine had been filed away for almost 60 years — never to be seen until now. Vachon magnificently captured a rarely seen side of Monroe while she was shooting River of No Return in the Canadian Rockies in 1953. Soft, radiant and vulnerable, these extraordinary shots are to be published in a new book entitled The Making of Marilyn: August 1953. The breathtaking portfolio even features the only photo ever taken of Monroe and her then-to-be-husband, Joe DiMaggio.

These rare snaps have been discovered on the back of the release of photos from Monroe’s first ever shoot. Young, excited and brunette, a fresh-faced Norma Jean Dougherty posed for photographer Joseph Jagur back in 1946. This collection, the model release forms AND the all-anticipated copyrights are hitting the auction table in December, following Jagur’s bankruptcy. So it’s young Marilyn to the rescue, for some much needed moolah.

Regardless of how much her youth will be sold for, there’s no escaping the radiating sexuality that she’s known for in these never-before-seen photos. More after the jump…!

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