~ time for some sweaters ~

18 Oct

Stock up on slouchy sweaters this fall to complete an easy tomboy look.

With Balenciaga tote and boots.

Cozy knit + leggings + boots + optional hat (ideal for bad hair days and hangovers) = easy fall uniform!


Pink fluor Zara sweater. Impressing!

Model Frida Gustavvson kicks it in a casual mohair knit and boyfriend jeans after the Valentino show.

Multi-coloured knite!

Perfect conclusion with Alexa Chung in red…!

( Photos via http://www.elle.com, http://www.vogue.com, Cheyenne meets Chanel & stylescrapbook )


2 Responses to “~ time for some sweaters ~”

  1. dapperdolly 18/10/2011 at 01:59 #

    Nice picks, I love knitwear and there’s been an emphasis of great knitwear the past few years. It’s kinda pointless though if it’s the time to wear sweaters i.e. as in it’s colder, and then pair them with mini skirts and not even any thick tights though – which stylist thought of that. Any warmth/protection is then lost through the legs.


  1. Celebrity-Hub.com - 14/11/2011

    Slouchy knit, meet mini skirt….

    Posted in Fashion / Fashion blog / Fashion photos / Street style There’s something so comforting about an oversized, slouchy knit. They gently coo about country weekends away and lazy Sunday mornings spent reading newspapers and clutching an equa…

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