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30 Sep

I’m in too much of a good mood because this Charlotte Free picture above makes me so happy. It was backstage at Louise Gray’s Spring/Summer 2012 show in London and Charlotte wearing Louise’s colours and textures was even more beautiful than I could’ve imagined.

it’s rare to find a model with hair like this – anything special or different makes it more complicated for shoots and shows – but Vivienne Westwood and her model casting agent took a chance and cast Charlotte Free, (unusual hair like this can cost a model jobs).

PLUS she opened the Vivienne Westwood Red Label show for Autumn/Winter 2011 with this hair AND she’s only 5’7″. (Good news for girls who aren’t the standard 5’11″).

This season she was back again to walk Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label Spring/Summer 2012 show, and Malcolm Edwards from the L’Oréal Professionnel team worked her hair again (still her distinctive pink).

With a streak of purple.

Malcolm covered her head this time with clingfilm and denim after smoothing it and clipping it tight to her head.

Luke Hersheson and his team spent hours wrapping and pinning her hair to get that “I’ve-just-come-home-from -the-best-party look” for the Louise Gray spring/summer 2012 show. It was this style which brought Charlotte’s pink hair to another level.

It took ages for Luke Hersheson and his team to achieve this look conjured up with Louise Gray (I know because I stood mesmerised watching).

And then spent another millenium watching the MAC pro team administer that pink eyeliner swoosh (I’ll post their tricks here shortly).

(via here)


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